Ergonomic assessments

Our ergonomic services are designed to assess and improve your employees workstations to ensure they are set up to minimise the risk of injury, boost health and wellbeing, and enhance productivity and performance.

Our ergonomic services are delivered by a team of allied health professionals across Australia.

How we deliver ergonomic assessments

We understand that businesses, job roles and working environments are diverse, which is why we tailor our ergonomic assessments to ensure they’re the best fit for your employees and business.

Dependent on your needs, these assessments can be performed in-person or virtually.

At Konekt, we offer four types of support:

  • In-person
  • Virtual
  • Individual
  • Group

In-person and virtual ergonomic assessments

Investing in comfortable and suitable workstations for your employees is setting them up for more productive work.

Identifying and correcting bad ergonomic practices can have the following benefits for your workplace:

  • Improving physical health – preventing short and long term health effects such as headaches, neck, back and limb pain, repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and musculoskeletal injuries
  • Supporting positive mental health ­– creating a stress free environment
  • Promoting safety in the workplace ­– eliminating or removing safety risks and hazards
  • Increasing productivity and performance – supporting employees to perform at their optimum in a safe environment.

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