CARE program – Worksafe Victoria

Konekt’s CARE program is designed to help you with your recovery and return to daily life activities.

The program focuses on wellness and provides you with

  • A tailored plan that helps you achieve maximum health and wellness
  • Tools and resources to boost your resilience and independence
  • Better communication with everyone involved in your care
  • A clear understanding of how your injury impacts you; and
  • Personal goals to help you achieve your wellness and return to life activities such as:
    • Minimising the impacts of physical pain or injury
    • Improved mental health
    • Developing effective coping strategies
    • Enhanced family and social supports
    • Improved financial status
    • Increased community support and participation


  • Support to identify and achieve meaningful wellness goals
  • Improved ability to adjust to changes arising from your injury
  • Stronger resilience and coping strategies
  • Improved functional status and independence
  • Resources to support ongoing learning and to maintain your achieved goals

Key features

Clearly documented rehabilitation goals and actions.

Use of physical activity to support mental health.

Practical tools to build your resilience and adjustment to change.

Support during medical transition (where appropriate).

Provides a foundation from which to engage in future vocational rehabilitation.


Evidence-based tools

Apps and questionnaires to see the areas where you would benefit from the most support.

Collaborative goal setting

Identifying goals that are personally meaningful and the actions required to achieve the same.

Driven Resilience app

Designed to improve resilience through the completion of micromodules in one or more of the six key domains of resilience.

Injury adjustment coaching

If required, to help with:

– Understanding pain
– Adjusting to change and loss
– Understanding and managing emotions
– Thinking and coping styles
– Depression and chronic pain


Connecting you with local support organisations to further assist you with your wellness journey.

If you have any questions about the CARE program, please contact your Konekt consultant who will assist you, or call 1300 723 375.

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